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Контрольная работа Английский язык Вариант 1


  • ЗАДАНИЕ №-1 3
  • ЗАДАНИЕ №-2 6
  • ЗАДАНИЕ №-3 8
  • ЗАДАНИЕ №-4 9
  • ЗАДАНИЕ №-5 10
  • ЗАДАНИЕ №-6 11

Задание № 1

I Translate the text.

Types of Loading.

As to the manner in which loads are applied or transmitted to a structure of machine they may be considered as static loads, repeated loads, impact and energy loads.

In static, steady or dead loads are forces that are applied slowly and remain nearly constant after being applied to the body such as the loads on most buildings or the load applied to a bar in the usual type of testing machine.

Repeated loads are forces that are applied a very large number of times causing a stress in the material that is continually changing, usually through some definite range. Such are the loads applied to the connecting rod of an engine is running, the wheel loads on a railroad rail as a train passes over the rail and similar ones.

Impact loads are forces that are applied to the resisting body in a relatively short period of time. An impact load, in general, is applied by a moving body when it comes in contact with the resisting body. The force exerted by the moving body and the period during which it acts in general cannot be determined. For this reason in some problems it is more satisfactory to calculate the stress and strain produced by an impact load from the energy delivered to the resisting body by the moving body.

Other Classifications of Loads. Loads may be classified as distributed loads and concentrated loads. A distributed load may be uniformly distributed or non-uniformly distributed. A concentrated load is one whose area of contact with the resisting body is negligible in comparison with the area of the resisting body.

Задание № 2

II Write out from the text the sentences with verbs in the form of the Participle or the Gerund or the Subjunctive mood.

Задание № 3

III Translate the text.

Зимние шины не рекомендуется эксплуатировать при температуре выше +5 по Цельсию. Они мало того, что становятся мягче и буквально «плавятся», но кроме того еще и не выполняют в полной мере своих функций, устойчивость автомобиля на дороге при этом становится большим вопросом.

Задание № 4

IV Supply some, any, no, where required.

Задание № 5

V Choose the correct variant.

1. Before you..., don't forget to lock the door.

-are leaving; -will leave; -leave; -shall leave.

2. Please do not speak to anyone before the police....

-come; -are coming; -’ll come; came.

3. His parents will be very glad if she the university.

-enter; -’ll enter; -enters; -entered.

4. When you...my brother, you...him.

-'ll see; -won't recognize; -see won't recognize; -saw, recognize; -'ll see, don't recognize.

5. We won't discuss the matter until the headmaster....

-'ll arrive; -won’t arrive; -doesn’t arrive; -arrives.

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