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Контрольная работа Английский язык Вариант 7


  • ЗАДАНИЕ №-1 3
  • ЗАДАНИЕ №-2 5
  • ЗАДАНИЕ №-3 7
  • ЗАДАНИЕ №-4 8
  • ЗАДАНИЕ №-5 9
  • ЗАДАНИЕ №-6 10

Задание № 1

I. Translate the text.

Machine Elements.

Screw fastenings.

Machine parts are held together by parts:

a) working in tension,

b) working in shear,

c) creating friction, and

d) using both shear and friction forces.

Types of Fastenings-All fastenings can be divided into two classes- disconnectable fastenings and permanent joints. Disconnectable fastenings, in turn are effected by:

a) bolts and screws

b) wedges

c) dowel pins

d) keys

Permanent joints are obtained by means of:

a) press fits

b) shrink fits

c) rivets

d) welding, brazing, and soldering

e) casting.

Forms if Threads. Screw fastenings are used for holding two or more machine parts together or for adjusting one part with relation to another. In screw fastenings the threads are made in several forms but are always of triangular-type single thread. Screw threads are made right-hand and left-hand.

Задание № 2

II. Write out from the text the sentences with verbs in the form of the Participle or the Gerund or the Subjunctive mood.

Задание № 3

III. Translate the text.

Свеча зажигания — устройство для воспламенения топливно-воздушной смеси в самых разнообразных тепловых двигателях. Бывают искровые, дуговые, накал каталитические. В бензиновых двигателях внутреннего сгорания используются свечи.

Задание № 4

IV. Fill in the blanks with the preposition required.

Translate the sentences int...week-days we work. We rest...Sundays. I get up...the morning. We sleep...night promised to do this work...time. We have our vacation...January. We live...th century. We tell the...a clock or a watch. Our child is in the fresh air...morning ..father comes home...noon.

Задание № 5

V. Use the Present Simple or the Present Progressive:

1. Why you (walk) so fast today? You usually (walk) quite slowly.-1 (hurry). I am afr the train.

2. Cuckoos (not to build) nests. They (to use) the nests of other birds.

3. I always (to buy) lottery tickets, but I seldom (to win)

4. You cannot (to have) the book now because my brother (to read) it.

5. Some people (to do) everything with their left hand.

6. Who (to make) that terrible noise?-It is my son.

7. How you (to feel)?

Задание № 6

VI. Use an adjective or a proverb.

1. If you read this joke (proper) you will understand it.

2. It was a (gay) song and she sang it (gay).

3. She spoke very (good) and everybody wondered where she had learnt to speak so f.

4. She was (kind ) to him and he was (happy).

5. The children were running among the trees laughing (happy).

6. (Usual) I get up (early) but that Sunday I got up (late).

7. The work must be done (careful).

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