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Контрольная работа Английский язык Вариант 4


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I. Translate the text.

Basic elements of hydraulic systems.

The basic elements of hydraulic systems are:

1. The fluid.

2. The generator element (pump).

3. The transmission element (pipes and connections).

4. The control element (valve or restrictor).

5. The motor element (jack or continuous motor).

6. Tank and filter.

It can only function as a pump while the piston is moving into the cylinder and acts as a motor while the piston moves back. If non-return valves are added, the inlet valve is connected to a tank and the piston is given a to-and-fro motion, the device, becomes a source of continuous supply of liquid, except for interruptions during the suction stroke, which can be avoided by having two or more cylinders and pistons. Thus we obtain continuous pump.


II. Write out from the text the sentences with verbs in the form of the Participle or the Gerund or the Subjunctive mood.


IV. Fill in the prepositions.

It was two o'clock when John went ... the dining-room to have dinner. Peter was already there. He sat ... a table with a book ... his hands. John took the menu ... the next table. When the waitress came, he ordered some soup and meat. "Can you bring me some white bread?" asked John. "Yes, of course, I can", answered the waitress, "I shall bring you some ... a minute". She came back ... a few minutes. "What will you have ... dessert?" she asked. John asked her to bring him some ice-cream. "I'm sorry", said the waitress. "It will only be ready ... half an hour". So they took some milk, paid ... their dinner, and went out ... the street. John then went ... the library, Peter went home.


V. Put these sentences in the Future and in the Past

1. The tourists are shown many places of interest in our town.

2. The Moscow University is greatly admired by everybody.

3. New metro station is built in our town.

4. The poem is recited in our group.

5. We are told to wait outside.


VI. Use the Past Indefinite or the Past Perfect.

1. They (to complete) all the preparation for the fancy-dress ball by 5 o'clock.

2. On leaving the hospital the man (to thank) the doctor who (to cure) him of his disease.

3. In the morning all the passengers (to feel) good after the night they (to spend) in the comfortable sleeper.

4. During my last visit to the picture gallery I (to find) that I no longer (to like) the pictures which (to impress) me when I first (to see) them. Evidently my taste (to change).

5. Last night he (complete) the experiment which he (to begin) some months before.

6. They (to be) friends for some ten years before I (to meet) them.

7. No sooner she (to open) the drawer than she (to find) the photo which she (to think) she (tolose) long before.

8. I (to refuse) to give a definite answer before I (to receive) a letter from him.

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